If you are struggling in Spanish class, then we are here to help. SEF has professionally trained tutors who can help you accomplish your learning goals, improve your grades, and maintain a higher GPA. Our tutors are fun, patient, highly educated and have great experience in teaching new languages.  You can be sure that they can help you achieve your goals with their advice and coaching. 

During your tutoring lesson you can expect to do the following:
  • Practice grammar exercises and pronunciation
  • Review homework and tests to better understand how/why
  • Improve your study skills and best practices
Our Spanish instructors offer tutoring in the time and place of your convenience.  Meetings can be in a home, an office, library, coffee shop, or any SEF location. We provide tutoring in the morning, afternoons and evenings for;
  • Children (5- 12 years)
  • Teens/High School Students
  • College students
We offer tutoring service in Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Littleton, Eaglewood and Louisville