Developing the Fun Learning Method

“Learning a second language can be either a fun and successful experience or a boring and frustrating one. Much of your success depends on the curriculum that is used and on the teaching style.

The Spanish is Easy and Fun curriculum was developed based on a market research that involved 65 Spanish language students, focus groups, surveys and eight years of experience in the education industry. Jay Minaya, founder of SEF, and I have determined that the entire program; the book, the structure of the topics and the instructor, are all crucial and decisive in the moment of teaching and of learning a new language.The result of using a proper program can be incredibly efficient. After three years of creating the Spanish Easy and Fun curriculum; that is supported by linguistic professionals from Spain and South America, we are proud to say that learning Spanish at SEF Language School is fun and effective! We are meeting our student’s expectations.”

David Minaya – Language Program and Curriculum Developer.

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