The Spanish is Easy and Fun Program is more than a successful Spanish curriculum; it is a different concept in learning to speak Spanish. Using the fun learning method, we start from zero and then introduce a theory and progressively add vocabulary while following a common theme in your learning process. We teach interesting and current topics and guide you on your learning journey. If learning Spanish is the “destination” then SEF is the “map” so that you know where you are going.

This is how many of our students, some who only knew a few words in Spanish, have learned and fluently speak this beautiful language.
Will you be the next SEF success story?


Students will be introduced to Spanish pronunciation exercises. A 35 word vocabulary will be provided for use during this term. With these words and the guidance of our instructors, you will be able to  learn the basic grammatical structure of Spanish including the use of nouns, adjectives and articles and the use of the verb ser / estar ( to be). Songs, funny games and basic conversational exercises will be performed during the class.

Students will review the use of ser and estar (to be), adjectives and articles. Students will learn the present tense using regular  and irregular verbs such as gustar (to like) and vestir (to dress), the numbers 1-100, and prepositions.

In this level, students will study possessive telling the time of day, adjectives, prepositions, and idioms. Also we will continue studying and reinforcing the present tense using regular and irregular verbs. Along with these studies we will discuss cultural topics and more complex dialogs of various interests (appropriate for the beginning level).

Students will learn the reflexive verbs, present progressive tense, the personal “a”, the verb ir (to go), and body parts vocabulary. We will have interactive exercises which include how to make hotel reservations and what to expect when you are in a restaurant. Upon completion of the Beginning Program you will be able to speak in Spanish using a basic fluent language. You will be able to describe, in Spanish, a place, a situation, a book, a movie, your friends, your daily life, your wishes and expectations. You will also be able to communicate in different situations such as in the grocery store, a hospital, or a restaurant.


Students will review present tense and the verb ser / estar (to be). The past simple tense will be introduced using regular verbs.  Students will learn the use of the verb volver (return), prepositions and the numbers from 100 -1000. Students will study idioms and common expressions as well.


Students will learn the direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, past simple tense using regular and irregular verbs. We will have cultural topics and listening exercises with dialogs.


Students will learn the imperfect past tense using regular and irregular verbs, and conjunctions, comparatives and adverbs.  Students will learn verbs in the present perfect tense, as well as exercises that focus on the simple past tense vs past imperfect.


Students will use more complex sentences using the preterit, past imperfect, and the past perfect tenses. Students will learn how to give directions using formal and informal commands.


Students will practice both writing and advanced conversation through the use of interactive exercises, debates and skits. Students will learn idioms and a little of slang. The grammar topics include the future tense, conditional tense and the use of the verb “haber.


Students will learn the use of present and past subjunctive. We will have more cultural topics, writing exercises and essays. We will have fun games and interactive exercises that involve role playing. Students will learn business and legal terminology and they will use them in dialogues for different situations and scenarios.