Jay Minaya

CEO and SEF Program Director
Jay Juliocesar Minaya was born in Lima, Peru. He moved to the United States to pursue his Business Administration and Marketing Diploma at the Leeds School of Business at the  University of Colorado in Boulder. He graduated in 2005 and worked in financial institutions and the banking industry for three years, but his entrepreneur spirit and his passion for his native language made him pursue his dream of opening a language school.
“Our goal is to help English speakers to learn  Spanish or a second language to enhance their life experience and allow new opportunities in their business and travels.  Everything changes when you are able to communicate.” Jay said,”I found that there were so many English language courses offered to non-English speaking people but could only a few efficient Spanish courses which were offered to English speakers. I wanted to change that.” Now, through Spanish Easy and Fun, you can find a variety of Spanish lessons for almost every need. Jay and his brother, David Minaya, have developed the fun learning method that makes the learning experience very enjoyable and is used in every SEF class. Jay is also the VP of operations at The Language School and CEO of Minaya Group Real Estate Investments.
David Minaya

David Minaya

SEF VP of Operations
David was born in Lima, Peru.  He holds an Architect bachelor degree from the Ricardo Palma University.  David has worked for four years in the creation and development of the fun learning method that is used in all levels of the Spanish Easy & Fun program.  David has worked with professional and experienced language professors from Spain, Peru and Colombia.
Besides his responsibilities as VP of Operations at SEF , David is also, along with Jay, the founder of Minaya Group Real Estate Investments. At SEF David continues to teach Spanish to stay close to the needs of our students. In his free time David enjoys cooking Peruvian and Italian dishes and presenting his artwork  at art galleries. 

David Stevens III

Program Coordinator
David’s extensive knowledge of cultures and languages makes a great fit in the philosophy of Spanish Easy & Fun Language School. David believes that education is the most important thing in the world and that it should be fun, affordable, and available for all.
Originally from New Orleans, David has lived in Boulder for most of his life. After growing up in Boulder he dedicated himself to becoming culturally empathetic and learning new languages. He studied International Business at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg Florida.
David has spent five years traveling the world. His experience living abroad includes Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Thailand, England, Chile, Spain, and Ecuador. His travels and studies have given him a broad exposure to a variety of languages and cultures, thus inspiring the creation of Bolder Languages.  Bolder Languages helps students be better prepared for international experiences and reduce the impact of culture shock. David Stevens III is CEO of Bolder Languages.

Alexis Muench

Marketing, Sales & Services Specialist

Alexis Muench is a recent addition to the SEF team hailing all the way from Boulder.  With a family tree filled with language teachers, she hopes that rubs off on her ability to pick up Spanish again.  Having taken Spanish classes in elementary and high school, she can’t wait to learn a language for all it’s real world benefits and perhaps even visit her family in Cuba.

With 4+ years in business and customer service she will become a fixture around Longmont and Boulder, so don’t be afraid to say “Hola”, “Bonjour”, “Ciao” or even “Privet” if you see in the office or out and about!
When not telling people about our wonderful services she enjoys being outdoors by playing the game of rackets, cruising on two wheels, or partaking in the world’s sport.