SEF offer a variety of cultural and language  learning fun events. Most of them are free. Please take a look at our upcoming events and hopefully we will see you soon in our next fun gathering.  


Tango exhibition at one of our cultural events


Multicultural & Dance Events

La fiesta Event

Spanish Easy and Fun was proud to sponsor this free evening filled with dancing, drinks, and live music with Afro-Caribbean conga performers and flamenco performances. The fiesta was a free event and took place on Sept 13, 2014.


Other Past Multicultural & Dance Events

Una note Di Italia took place on July 13th, August 10th, and August 31st, 2013.


Italian Culture, food & wine Event. Learn more here.

Spanish Easy & Fun Halloween party We invited all active witches, zombies and ghosts to pick up some  basic dance moves with the rhythm of Rock & Roll, reggae, cha-cha and Latin  melodies and songs. Our guests enjoyed appetizers, wine, sangria and live DJ  music.

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Spanish Easy and Fun (SEF ) We celebrated our Christmas party in December 2009! We wanted to  thank our instructors for their professionalism and hard work during the past  year. Our guests enjoyed appetizers, pisco sour, wine, drinks and retro music  provided by DJ Ole.

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Spanish Easy and Fun (SEF ) In the spirit of giving back to our Longmont community, Spanish Easy  and Fun organized and presented the Don Quixote event on March 26th, 2009. This  was a free cultural event, we gathered with SEF instructors, students, friends  and local artists. We offered complementary wine tasting and exotic Peruvian  appetizers. We were entertained by tango and salsa dance exhibitions, and we  listened to Caribbean and Latin music. Thank you for attending and we hope to  see you in our next event.

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Spanish Easy and Fun (SEF ) celebrated its first anniversary in July 2008. Friends, students,  and the staff gathered at Jay’s house for a South American style party. The  guests  enjoyed  Peruvian cuisine, South American drinks, Caribbean and Latin music provided by DJ Ole. They also  enjoyed the Marinera dance, a parachuting guest  arrival, and we can’t forget the Sapo game tournament.  Thank  you all  for attending and we hope to see you for our next anniversary.

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