Award to SEF – Best Children Camps

In the summer of 2013 , Spanish Easy & Fun Language School held it’s first Spanish for Children Summer Camp. Not long after, SEF was voted Best Summer Camp in the Best of the Best contest for the city of Longmont!  With after a week of teaching children Spanish language and culture through a variety of activities including music, dance, reading, writing and play, the staff at SEF was pleased with the initial results of the camp. A few weeks later we were notified of a true victory. In 2014  SEF was awarded again as best Day Camp in Longmont.We were not the only ones pleased with the results of our summer camps! The parents and children also had a great time, as well as learned a lot of Spanish!
For the upcoming year, SEF will once again be opening our summer camps to the children of Colorado to come and learn Spanish while having a fun!


Camps are open to children 6 to 12 years old, Monday through Friday on the given week. There will be more camp options this year as well, for beginners as well as intermediate students!
We were so happy with the results from summer 2013 and 2014 that we decided to offer more options for children to attend and start learning a new language as soon as possible!

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